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How Do You Play Lightning Roulette?

Live Lightning Roulette is a fairly easy game to play. In fact, it lights up your overall roulette gaming experience.

With this exciting version, Evolution Gaming brings you not only the roulette wheel and the dealer, but extra money when you win on the usual bets. Expect bigger and better payouts with multipliers between 50x and 500x.

Lightning Roulette Evolution Gaming

Lightning Roulette Review South Africa

Lightning Roulette works similar to the standard European and French live games. The wheel has 37 pockets; 1 to 36 (divided between red and black) and a single 0 (in green).

What makes Lightning Roulette different is that it’s fast-paced and features Lucky Numbers (also known as Lightning Numbers).  You can win up to 500x by betting on a straight-up number, whereas if no multiplier is applied the bet pays 29:1 like traditional roulette. The winnings include your bet money back.

Lightning Roulette Lucky Numbers

Once your bets are placed, a random number generator creates a set of ‘lucky numbers’ and their values. Depending on the lucky numbers, they can be multiplied by 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, or 500X.  The payouts on those numbers only refer to Straight Up wagers.

E.g. When you place a R2 bet on the number 18 and the multiplier is 50x, you win R100 instead of the usual R60. If the multiplier is 500x, you get R1000.

Please note that Corners Splits, Red/Black and Dozens will pay their regular payouts, but are not eligible for the multiplier.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

How to Play Lightning Roulette Online

With Evolution’s Lightning Roulette you can expect a pretty straightforward gameplay. However, if you are completely new to the game, we recommend that you read our online roulette guides.

The objective in Lightning Roulette is to simply guess which numbered pockets the ball will fall into. Other types of bets include inside bets, outside bets, and special bets.

Bet Types

Below are the types of bets available:

Inside Bets

  • Straight Bets – a straight-up bet on any number.
  • Splits – ‘splitting’ a chip between two numbers.
  • Corner – same as the split but here you bet on four numbers by placing the chip in the middle of all four of them.
  • Street – placing chips on numbers of the same row.
  • Line – betting on two rows of three numbers.

Outside Bets

  • Red or Black – betting if the ball will land on either a red or black number.
  • Low (1-18) or High (19-36) – betting on whether the number will be high or low.
  • Even or Odd – betting on whether the number will be odd or even.
  • Column – there are three columns; 1, 2 and 3 and each column covers twelve numbers. The numbers in the columns are not in order. You win based on what column the winning number falls.
  • Dozen – this works similar to columns but in order.

Special Bets

These are also known as ‘called bets’ or ‘announced bets’. Players at a land-based casino call them out instead of placing chips on the table. Called bets are illegal in some countries.

Online you can place special bets by click on the relevant bet you wish to make.

  • Voisins du Zero – means ‘neighbors of zero’ in English and the bet means exactly that. This bet covers numbers closer to zero, and that’s between 22 and 25 on the wheel, while also including them.
  • Jeu Zero – also covers the numbers most closets to zero, from 12 to 15, while including them.
  • Orphelins – numbers that makeup two slices of the wheel outside the Voisins and Tiers.
  • Tiers du Cylindre – means ‘thirds of the wheel’ and covers 12 numbers between 27 and 33, while including them.


Once you have signed up with your favorite casino, you go to Lightning Roulette under the live games section. We recommend signing up on Betway or Hollywoodbets. As soon you click, you will be taken to the live studio where you will find the host of the game. Betting starts from as little as R2 to R20 000 for each spin.

This is how you play:

  1. Choose your bet amount: At the bottom or side of your screen you will see chips with different values; R2 up to R1 000. Choose the one with the value you want to play with.
  2. Place your bets: Betting time opens for about 18 seconds after each spin. You can bet on all regular bets; inside or outside.
  3. Wait for the lightning to strike (literally): For each round, 1 to 5 lightning numbers are determined. Those numbers get a minimum of 50x and a maximum of 500x.
  4. The ball stops: If the ball stops on one of your bets, you win.
  5. Collect your winnings: Bets are paid according to the paytable.
How Do You Play Live Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Payouts

Below are the payouts for Lightning Roulette:

BetPayoutBet Limits
Straight Number29 – 499:1R2 – R1 000
Split17:1R2 – R2 000
Street11:1R2 – R3 000
Corner8:1R2 – R4 000
Line5:1R2 – R6 000
Column2:1R2 – R12 000
Dozen2:1R2 – R12 000
Red/Black1:1R2 – R20 000
Even/Odd1:1R2 – R20 000
Low (1-18) / High (19-36)1:1R2 – R20 000


How Do You Go First Person in Lightning Roulette?

There are two versions of Lightning Roulette. In addition to the well-known Lightning Roulette Live game, there is a Lightning Roulette First Person version. While the gameplay is almost identical, you will be playing alone without the entertainment of live dealers, as well as without any other players in the same game.

You can use this option if you have a poorer internet connection or just like to spin more regularly without getting distracted. Additionally, First-Person Lightning Roulette is more affordable and requires a lower minimum bet of R1. The game can be found under the ‘First Person’ option under live games depending on your casino.

Evolution Lightning Roulette South Africa

Lightning Roulette Statistics

You can access Lightning Roulette stats by simply clicking on the menu tab at the side of your screen while the game is still open. You should be able to see the ‘Statistics’ by clicking on the option. Usually, these are the hot and cold numbers. Click on ‘Advanced’ for stats on the outside and special bets.

Latest Lightning Roulette Results

Under the same option for statistics, you can view the results for Lightning Roulette.  These can be sorted to show results for the last 50 to 500 spins.

There are other third-party sites where you can access results and stats, but ensure you do so at a legitimate site. By viewing such information, you get to make informed decisions on your next bets.

Lightning Roulette RTP

The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) percentage in Lightning Roulette is 97.30%. The expected return is based on an optimal strategy for all outside bets such as Split, Street, Corner, and Line.

How to Win Lightning Roulette Online

Lightning Roulette is not as difficult to win. But, since you may already be tired of reading now, we’ve decided to write a separate and detailed guide on How to Beat Lightning Roulette. Simply head over to the guide and start winning today!

Alternatively, register at one of our online casino sites to play Lightning Roulette and other exciting games!

FAQs About Live Lightning Roulette

Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

No, Lightning Roulette is not rigged, as the game is audited by an independent testing agency, eCOGRA, to ensure that it is always fair. In the event of any foul play, Evolution Gaming’s license may be revoked.

Is Lightning Roulette good?

Good is an understatement. With payouts of up to 500x your bet, Lightning Roulette is one of the best live games to play online!

Is Lightning Roulette real money?

Yes, Lightning Roulette is played for real money.

Is Lightning Roulette better than normal roulette?

Personally, yes. Lightning Roulette has a great payout rate of up to 500x, which is better than normal roulette. With a R2 bet, normal roulette would pay R60, while the multiplier of 500x in Lightning Roulette would pay R1 000.

How can I increase my chances of winning Lightning Roulette?

You can increase your chances of winning Lighting Roulette by trying out different strategies. Check out our roulette strategy guides for more.

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