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How Do You Beat Lightning Roulette?

Wondering how can you beat Lightning Roulette? Well, it’s only natural, given the game’s huge multipliers of up to 500x.

Since we play Lightning Roulette most of the time, we’d like to share our strategies and tricks to help you win more.

If you are not familiar with the game yet, it’s best that start by going through our guide on how to play Lightning Roulette. Evolution Gaming’s Live Lightning Roulette delivers fast, unique and innovative twists to the classic game.

Without further ado, let’s get started so you can start playing!

How Do You Beat Lightning Roulette

Is it Mathematically Possible to Beat Lightning Roulette?

Yes. It is mathematically possible to beat Lightning Roulette; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any point in playing.

Lightning Roulette has a high Return to Player Percentage (RTP) of 97.30%, and that alone tells you that it is possible to win in the game. Due to its similarity to European roulette, Lightning Roulette even has better odds of winning than American roulette, which has two zeros.

It gets better and worse, and here is why.

Straight number bets come with not-so-decent odds of 2.7%. Meaning that guessing which exact number the ball will land is not that simple.

However, if you do land the correct number, you get to enjoy a stunning payout of 29:1. Meaning your R2 bet will pay R60 (with your bet money included in your winnings). This is better than many casino games if you ask.

And, that’s not all. If the number has a multiplier, you get a massive payout of between 50x to 500x your bet. E.g. Say you bet R2 on the number 5 and the multiplier is 300x, if the ball lands on 5, you win R600.

You can also make bets on colors, high/low numbers, columns, dozen and splits. But these do not qualify for the multipliers.

How to Win Lightning Roulette Strategy

There are many expert strategies and systems for roulette that you can use in this game. The most popular and applicable ones being the Labouchere Strategy and Paroli Betting System.

The Paroli works similar to the reverse Martingale Strategy which states that instead of doubling your bets when you lose, you double down when you win.

For instance, if you bet R2 on the first round, and you lose, you bet R2 again on the next round. However, if you bet R2 on the first round and you win, you bet R5 on the next. If you win again, then you bet R10, but if you lose you go back to R2. With this strategy you capitalize big on a hot streak, especially for even-money bets; Red or Black, Even/Odd, High/Low.

Betway Lightning Roulette Tricks

Of course, the following tricks work regardless of where you choose to play Lightning Roulette. However, since a lot of South African players, us included, access the game on Betway and Hollywoodbets, it is worthy of mention.

Here are top Lightning Roulette hacks to use:

  • Bet on Every Number – although this trick for Lightning Roulette may prove to be expensive, if the ball lands on a lightning number, you get to win the multiplier. It will cost R74 to bet on all the numbers (0 – 36) for R2 each. If you get a 500x multiplier, your payout will be R1 000, including your stake. That’s a profit of over R900.
  • Make Neighbour Bets – if you feel betting on every number may be costly. This is another effective strategy for Lightning Roulette to go with. Usually, you will see a racetrack that helps you place such bets in a single click. E.g. Voisins, which will cover a significant portion of numbers closer to zero on the wheel. Others include Tiers and Orphelins.
  • Random Selections – although you’re not guaranteed to win, choosing random numbers does work for others.
  • Red or Black – not everyone makes straight-up bets, and this is understandable because numbers are not easy to get. This bet pays even money, meaning if you bet R2 you win R2, your payout becomes R4. You can win a lot of money if you spend more on this bet. But it’s important to remember that if the ball lands on 0 (green), this bet loses. The trick is to bet on the same color until it losses, then switch to the other one.
  • Columns – if you are a fan of roulette, you will be familiar with columns and dozens. These cover a portion of numbers and are easier to get right.
  • Check Results and Stats – make informed bets by checking previous winning numbers, as well as hot and cold numbers. You can bet on numbers that haven’t appeared for a while or repeats for hot numbers.
How to Win Lightning Roulette

Can You Bet on All Numbers in Lightning Roulette?

Of course, Lightning Roulette allows you to bet on all numbers. In fact, you can place bets on everything on the roulette table. However, you only want to do this if you have the right budget.

It’s important to note that while lightning may strike on the lucky numbers, it’s possible that the ball does not land those numbers. If this happens for many rounds (which is very common), you will lose a lot of money.

For example, if none of the lightning numbers hit, you win R60 for whichever number the ball lands. That means for each round you will be losing R14. The calculation is R74 (your total bet for all the numbers) – R60 (win) = R14 (loss).

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