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How Do You Play Dream Catcher?

How Do You Play Dream Catcher Game

The Dream Catcher game is very easy to play.  All you need to do is to put your money on the number where you think the wheel will stop. The money wheel has 52 segments; with numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, plus two multiplier segments worth 2x and 7x. Each number pays […]

South African Gambling Statistics 2016 – 2020

Gambling statistics SA

While gamblers enjoy the entertaining pastime, the country is also benefiting. Gambling forms a big part of the country’s economy. The South African gambling market consists largely of casinos, but sports betting is growing steadily. Below are some points on the outlook of gambling in South Africa from the fifth gambling industry annual edition of […]

Casino Gambling – Why Play Online?

Casino gambling online games

There are many reasons for the shift to casino gambling in South Africa. The vibrant atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos may be appealing and exciting, but more and more gamblers are moving towards online casinos. Find out why casino gambling online has become and thing and find the best games to play at our […]

Do Slots Pay More at Night?

Do slot machines pay better at certain times

Do slots pay more at night compared to any other time of the day? The answer is yes, but not always! Many people think slot machines are programmed with an algorithm that determines when the slots will be paying and how much you can win. And as a result, concluding that there may be times […]

How Do You Beat Lightning Roulette?

How Do You Beat Lightning Roulette

Wondering how can you beat Lightning Roulette? Well, it’s only natural, given the game’s huge multipliers of up to 500x. Since we play Lightning Roulette most of the time, we’d like to share our strategies and tricks to help you win more. If you are not familiar with the game yet, it’s best that start […]

How Do You Play Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette Evolution Gaming

Live Lightning Roulette is a fairly easy game to play. In fact, it lights up your overall roulette gaming experience. With this exciting version, Evolution Gaming brings you not only the roulette wheel and the dealer, but extra money when you win on the usual bets. Expect bigger and better payouts with multipliers between 50x […]

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Strategy

How to Win Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Searching for the best strategy for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you will find Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt strategy laid out in three ways, depending on what type of player you are and what budget you have. You may already know that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the newest […]

How Do You Play Crazy Time?

How Do You Play Crazy Time South Africa

Crazy Time is one of the most popular games in South Africa, usually seeing over 6 000 players in a single session. If you are up for fun (and sometimes frustration lol) this is the perfect game for you. This unique online game show is developed by Evolution Gaming and is based on the successful Dream […]

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Review

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live Review

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt invites you to an adventure of a lifetime in a slots-inspired live game show. If you are already familiar with the slot game Gonzo’s Quest, then you already know the kind of entertainment to expect. In this massively popular video slot, Spanish explorer Gonzo hunts for the lost golden city of Eldorado […]

How Do You Play Mega Ball?

How do you play mega ball

Mega Ball is a thrilling online bingo game by Evolution Gaming. The game allows you to buy up to 200 bingo cards, with each having 24 numbers. In the live draw, the host draws 20 out of 51 balls, and your goal is to have five numbers in either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. […]

Is Baccarat Better than Blackjack?

The difference between baccarat and blackjack

The answer as to whether baccarat is better than blackjack all goes with personal preference and what your aim is. Generally, the game of baccarat and blackjack don’t differ a lot. The aim of baccarat is to bet on the right hand, while for blackjack is to create the best hand to beat the dealer. […]

How Do You Win Super Sic Bo?

How Do You Win Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is a game of chance. With that being said, to win on the game you have to rely mainly on your luck. The game requires no advanced skill. However, you can increase your odds by using a strategy. Super Sic Bo follows the standard rules of online sic bo but has been […]

How Do You Win Monopoly Live?

How Do You Win Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is Evolution Gaming’s latest hit. The game combines entertainment from both the historic Monopoly board game and the Dream Catcher live money wheel. Since its release in April 2019, the casino game has become wildly popular as it offers big wins. To win at Monopoly Live, you simply need to pick the segment […]

Which Scratch Card is the Best?

Which scratch card is best South Africa

Treasure Tree is the best and most popular scratch card at South African casinos. The game was developed by Realtime Gaming and offers several symbols that sit on a tree. The goal is similar to any other scratch card games. To win you need to reveal three matching symbols which come with incredible prizes including […]

How Does Lightning Dice Work?

How Does Lightning Dice Work

Lightning Dice is one of the most popular dice games in South Africa. Developed by Evolution Gaming, the game follows the simple rules of online craps. When you open Lightning Dice, you will be introduced to a dark room which has a lightning tower at the centre. Right next to it is a lever which […]

Are Casino Games Rigged?

Are casino games rigged

Every now and then, players wonder if casino games are fair, especially after they have lost badly. And, this is completely understandable because gambling does have serious financial consequences. At the end of the day, your goal is to make some money. What is the point of playing if your opponents (usually, the casino) has […]

Is Snake Eyes Good in Craps? – Snake Eyes Meaning

Is snake eyes good in craps games.

Snake eyes is the hardest and lowest possible outcome in craps. The name itself is associated with bad luck in general, and such a roll is a loser in a lot of dice games. The probability of throwing snake eyes in craps is 35:1, with an enormous house edge of 13.89%. The dice roll is […]

Can I Get Rich by Gambling?

Can I Get Rich by Gambling in South Africa

The answer is yes, you can get very rich by gambling, but the probability of that happening is very slim. Otherwise, everyone would be rich and casinos be dry as hell. With some skill, strategy and Lady Luck on your side, you can beat the odds. You can get rich by gambling by: Winning the […]