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Casino Banking South Africa

Casino BankingCasino banking refers to funding your casino account, as well as withdrawing your winnings. Playing at a South African online casino offering safe and secure methods both traditionally and through internet banking is very important. One of the first things players look at before they sign up and create a casino profile are trusted deposit methods.

Our highly recommended sites offer a plethora of casino banking options to use for deposits and withdrawals using the South African Rand currency (ZAR). One of the reasons why the need for a broad range of casino banking options exists is keeping the players’ information safe. Banking at the best South African casinos is safer than ever. Find out how you can make casino deposits and cashout using convenient payment methods!

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Online Casino Banking in South Africa

All the casinos featured on our site offer instant credit and debit card payments, EFT, as well as payments from third-party brokers like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Ukash.

All of these services keep players’ information safe using cutting edge 128 -bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital encryption methods. Encryption means that even if the information gets compromised, it can never be used.

Comparing SA Casino Banking Options

The casinos featured here are South African Rand Casinos. The subject of safety and security will always come up when discussing depositing money into a casino. Rest assured that all the casinos here all take every precaution to protect your banking information.

Credit and Debit cards

Credit and debit cards remain the most popular way for SA online gamblers to deposit funds into their casino account. Credit or debit card deposits are usually handled quickly and efficiently and all money deposited is automatically credited to a player’s gaming account.

Both Visa and MasterCard allow players to make deposits into a gaming account with a credit card. MasterCard, however, does not permit players to withdraw their money.

Credit and debit cards accepted at casinos:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Amex or American Express

e-Wallet and e-Money Accounts

Casino instant bankinge-Wallet and e-Money services are fast becoming the preferred banking method for casino players in South Africa. They allow players to deposit money quickly and securely while offering anonymity, as they don’t require players to give away their banking details online. There are several options available to South African casino players. Below we take a look at some of the services and the advantages of each one.


  • PayPal: Trusted by over 188 million users worldwide, PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallet services around. It allows for withdrawals and deposits, and players can securely send money using a credit or debit card.
  • Neteller: A highly secure banking option. Also allows for withdrawals and instant deposits, with the added advantage of not needing to add any personal information. Neteller also has over 100 funding and withdrawal options.
  • Skrill: A safe, no-fee payment solution similar to an e-wallet. Skrill can be used globally, and has over 50 finance and withdrawal options. Also, has the possibility for instant deposits.
  • Ukash: Ukash is a voucher system that allows players to buy vouchers of pre-determined values online. They can then redeem those vouchers, which come in the form of a 19-digit number, at any casino. SA gamblers can buy vouchers with a debit or credit card, or via an EFT. Some grocery stores and supermarkets also accept Ukash payments.
  • EcoPayz: An easy-to-use e-wallet that has a secure iPhone app to make payments. Allows for deposits and withdrawals.

Prepaid Vouchers

  • 1Voucher
  • OTT Voucher
  • Kazang
  • EasyLoad
  • Blu Voucher

EFT Payments/ Bank Transfer

Some South African casino players choose to ditch the middle man and make all their deposits via and EFT. It allows players the flexibility to pay whatever amount they like and whenever they want. EFT deposits can, however, take several days to clear at the bank and finally reflect in a player’s account. But, you can never go wrong with an instant EFT.

Below are some instant EFT methods available at SA casino sites:

Alternatively, you can do wire transfers manually at your bank or nearest ATM.

Casino Withdrawals South Africa

Casino payment options

Almost all banking options, including EFT, debit and credit cards, e-wallet and e-money services allow quick and easy deposits. However, not all allow for withdrawals. It is important for players to read through the terms and conditions of their payment methods.

Withdrawal Limits

More often than not, players will encounter a withdrawal limit at a casino. Some players only find out about withdrawal limits once they try and get their winning, so it remains of vital importance that players read through the terms and conditions when creating their profiles.

Casino Banking in ZAR

At TOC, we only feature casinos with safe and fast casino banking options. All the options offered are tailored to South African players. Furthermore, they have a host of casino banking options that are all readily available via the internet.

Enjoy Secure Casino Banking in South Africa

Casino mobile paymentA Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the best way to secure your information. SSL technology creates a secure, encrypted link between your browser and the web server that holds the information on any casino. It encrypts all the information sent to you and the casino. This makes it impossible to decipher without the right key.

Typically, if sites allow users to send information in plain text, it is easy for someone to steal their information. SSL prevents this by mixing up the information and decrypting it when it arrives at the user’s browser and the website’s server.

You can tell whether a banking page is secure by looking at the address bar in your browser. If it has a green bar or green lock before the website address, an SSL connection secures the link.

Millions of people’s information is encrypted using SSL security protocols every day. So if you see the green lock in your browser, you can rest easy that your banking information is safe.

Safety Tips for Casino Banking

Casino payment processing

Online banking still has a negative and unfounded stigma attached to it. Many people believe that their personal information is at risk when banking online. Online banking is more secure than ever before. But, it remains the player’s responsibility to ensure that they keep their information safe.

  • Players should never give out their private information (address, banking information, or even SA ID number) to anyone. A casino might request that players provide a credit card number and proof of age before they can play.
  • Never bank in a public space or over an unsecured internet connection. Cybercriminals often prowl public areas with Wi-Fi connections to steal users’ personal information. Only do your banking when you are alone and when you are sure that your internet connection, like a Wi-Fi network at home, is secure.
  • Look out for the eCOGRA stamp of approval. eCOGRA is an independent institution that audits real money online casinos. They ensure that vulnerable customers are protected, ensure fair play and responsible marketing, and prevent underage gambling. Casinos that have been verified by eCOGRA and found to be in good standing will get the eCOGRA stamp of approval. Any casino with the stamp of approval is worth your time.

Casino Banking FAQs

Are the same banking options available on mobile casinos as casinos?

Usually, but it depends on the casino. Casinos usually have the same banking options available for both desktop casinos as well as mobile casinos. Always check that the mobile or casino you want to play at accepts your banking method.

Can casino banking withdrawals or deposits be reversed?

Yes. The player’s bank or e-wallet service can reverse deposits – as long as they haven’t been processed. Likewise, the casino can reverse withdrawals. Some casinos have a 48-hour ‘pending state’ where players have the chance to reverse any withdrawal request made. Players should always read the terms and conditions when signing up to a casino. It is important to confirm how quickly reversals on deposits and withdrawals are possible.

Will I need to submit any documents when making a withdrawal?

Yes. Most casinos that comply with international banking regulations and eCOGRA will request a proof of age and identity, like a driver’s licence, ID document, or passport. They will also require a utility bill for a phone or electricity, to verify a player’s address before they make a payout. A player will usually need to email these documents to the casino.

Do I need to withdraw my funds every time I log out of a casino?

No. All casinos save a player’s available funds to their profile. The funds are always ready for a player to bet with at any of the casino games they offer.

What happens when a deposit or withdrawal ‘times out’?

A timeout usually happens when the online banking service encounters technical difficulty. Withdrawals or deposits will not necessarily have failed if a timeout occurs. If a player receives a timeout notification, they should immediately contact their casino’s customer support, either telephonically or via email. The casino will then confirm whether the payments was successful. Some casinos will also issue players with complimentary credits before a missing deposit has been established as a token of good faith. Complimentary credits are given at the casino’s discretion.

Can I withdraw all my money at once?

This depends on the casino. Most casinos have either a daily, weekly, or monthly withdrawal limit, preventing players from withdrawing all their winnings at once. Players should always carefully read through the terms and conditions when they sign up to a casino. The casino will state withdrawal limits if they apply.

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